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Some titles available from Ray Roberts Booksellers

Ray Roberts Booksellers continues to provide a specialist service to motoring book buyers. Listed here below are some of the rare titles that we offer for purchase.

These are just a few of the many scarce Bentley Motoring history books we have in stock. We have many more, together with items such as sales catalogues, etc.

Please enquire for the current list.

Bentley, Cricklewood to Crewe: Frostick 1980. Mint, DW. 302 pp. Well illustrated, some colour. £80.00

Climax in Coventry: Hassan 1997. Mint, DW. 158 pp. An ex-WO Bentley employee who built special Bentleys. Signature appended. £38.00

Fifty years with Motorcars: Hillstead 1960. 215 pp. An ex-Bentley employee. Soft cover. Uncorrected proof copy. £26.00

An Illustrated History of the Bentley: WO Bentley 1964. Near mint in DW. 191 pp. Well-illustrated, pure vintage. £60.00

WO Bentley: Bobbitt 2003. Mint, DW. 256 pp. Well-illustrated. £30.00

Motor Racing Drivers Past and Present: Sallon 1956. All colour, 68 illustrations. Spiral bound. WO Bentley & Works Racing drivers. £40.00

N7: Minchin 2002. Reprint of rare novel. Mint, DW. £35.00

Memories of Men and Motorcars: SCH 'Sammy' Davis 1965. Well illustrated. 273 pp. A Bentley team driver. Near mint. £40.00

Magic of a Name: Nockolds 1938. Tipped in colour plates. 225 pp. FIRST EDITION. Signed 'Harold Christmas 1938' (perhaps the author?). £85.00

A Pride of Bentleys: Adams/Roberts 1978. Large format, superb full colour plates show some of all the range. 224 pp. Near mint: £60.00

Rolls-Royce Aero Engines: Gunston 1989. Including Griffon/Merlin. 254 pp. Well-illustrated. Mint, DW. £60.00

Rolls-Royce and Bentley Experimental Cars: Rimmer 1986. 372 pp. Well-illustrated. £60.00

Those Bentley Days: Hilstead 1953. 196 pp. Ex- Bentley Motors man. Illustrated. Reading copy. £30.00

WO: The Autobiography of WO Bentley: 1958. 223 pp. Inscribed end-paper. Illustrated, DW. Very good copy. £55.00

WO Bentley: The cars in my life: 1961. 156 pp. WO Bentley's second book. Very good. Well-illustrated. £55.00

E&OE. Prices correct at the time of initial publication but may vary. Although this list was correct at the time of initial offer, due to the difficulties of keeping the web site and stock synchronised, we cannot guarantee that a book offered here is still available at any time.


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